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Community based on the tv show Lost Girl
A Community dedicated to the Canadian TV Show, currently airing on Show Case, Lost Girl.


The series focuses on Bo, a bisexual succubus, who grew up in an adopted human family, unaware of her non-human nature and of the Fae world. A succubus is a female Fae (supernatural being) that feeds on sexual energy, sometimes with fatal results for humans. Bo's succubus powers only become apparent to her when she kills her first love, forcing her to flee her home. Bo exchanges her previously normal life for one without family or friends, moving from place to place whenever she kills again.

Season one follows Bo's navigation of the Fae world and her relationships with Dyson, a werewolf detective, and Lauren, a human doctor. Bo searches for her origins - her biological mother and the reason she was abandoned.

In the first episode Bo protects a human stranger, her soon-to-be side-kick, Kenzi, from a predatory human male. This leaves an obviously supernaturally killed corpse, which leads the Fae world to to find Bo. Fae Elders are unnerved to find a Fae they do not know in their territory. They interrogate her with disbelief when they learn that she does not know she is a succubus, nor what Fae are and, seemingly most important to them, does not have allegiance to a Fae Clan. Bo learns as we do that there are many different types of supernatural beings living among and feeding off humans and that there are two opposing clans; the Dark and the Light. Bo is told that every Fae must choose a side and belong to a clan in order to have protection from other Fae and from human discovery. She refuses to obey their rules, choosing instead the side of humans. This provides Bo with a unique, yet vulnerable, position of neutrality between the clans and between humans and Fae. Kenzi encourages her to take advantage of her neutrality and become a private detective. This career and her questing attitude provide a means through which Bo learns more about herself, the Fae world and her place within it.